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Terms of Service

Please have a review of our terms of service very carefully before using the services operated by Insane Cracks.

Your use to our service is applied and conditioned on your acceptance in compliance to these terms. These terms apply to all the visitors and all everyone who are using and have access to our service.

By using our service you agree to our terms. If you  disagree then you are not allowed to use any of the information and service used in our website.

Links to other websites

Services that we provide in our website may link to third party websites which are not owned and controlled by insane cracks.

You are responsible for using those sites in anyway and any harm caused from that site, insane cracks will not be responsible for it.You further acknowledge and agree’s that insane hacks shall not be responsible for liable, directory or indirectly damage by the connection of such website and its content and services.

We strongly advise that, you should review the use of those third party website before using those services and the websites that you visit.


We might any time terminate the use of our service without prior notice or liability , for any reason whatsoever without breaching the terms, including without limitation if you breach the terms.

Governing Law

These law and terms are governed by the law of Washington DC United States, without regards to it conflicts of law provisions.

Failing to enforce these laws will not be considered waiver of those rights. If any provision of these terms is found to be invalid then, also others terms will remain in effect to the law. This term relates to entire agreement between us and our service.

Change of Terms

We might change our terms of service any time we want depending upon the situation, circumstances and necessity. By continuing to our use our service you are also agreeing upon our changing terms. If you don’t agree to our new terms, then you can stop using our service.

But, will give a notice before the new terms take an effect through our website.

Contact Us

If you have any problem regarding our terms and service then you can contact us via contact page in our website.